Are you disenchanted with your current career?

Have you climbed the ladder to success only to find it is not what you wanted after all?

Are you on a quest to find meaning and greater fulfillment from your work?

You can figure out what you want to do and


Whether you have just begun to ask these questions or have been unhappy in your work for a long time, you have come to the right place. I invite you to relax, take a deep breath and keep reading.


You feel like you “should” like your job because you have a successful career and are good at what you do.  But you don’t like it. Not really. You may not like your job because what you have to contribute is not valued, you are not passionate about it, or you have outgrown it and are ready for a new challenge.

You don’t think it’s possible to have a career you enjoy that also meets your financial needs. Who says these have to be two different things and you only get to choose happiness or money? It is possible to find rewarding work that also provides a good salary.

You are worried about what others will think of your career transition. You have worked hard and made all the right moves to achieve your level of professional success. Others might think you are crazy to leave the title, prestige and security behind in order to pursue your dream.

You feel stuck and/or trapped. You know your current job is not fulfilling and you cannot imagine doing it forever (or even for a few more months). But at the same time, you are not sure how to figure out what is next.

You feel there is a part of you that has not been fully expressed yet. There is something else you are being called to that you cannot fully name yet. Or maybe you do know what you are passionate about, but you are pursuing it in your time off work. Maybe you’ve told yourself, “It’s not possible to make a living as a ______.” But there are clues to your life purpose hidden within your favorite hobbies and passions.

You are ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work in order to get clarity about your purpose. You feel ready to get started and are excited about finding answers to move forward.

It’s important for you to know:

1. You have a unique purpose and way of looking at the world.


2. You can discover your unique purpose.


3. You can DO WHAT YOU LOVE by choosing a career that aligns with your purpose, skills, passions and preferences.


Hi, I’m Kirsten Meneghello and I am a Career Transition Coach. When you hire me as your coach, you will get clarity about how to transition successfully from where you are to where you want to be, and more importantly, WHO you want to be.

How do you get started? Here’s what I recommend:

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute coaching session.  You can get a feel for what coaching is about, ask questions, and discover how we could work together. I invite you to email or call me to schedule a free coaching consultation. I look forward to meeting you!